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Notice: Source code is undergoing churn, cleaning and re-factoring. Please try it and give feedback.

WalkMe – is a simple HealthVault application which analyzes your pedometer data, keeps you motivated against a goal and gives you ability to share it with the world. It is a “Sandbox for Microsoft HealthVault” application, this software enables us to release simple applications developed internally very quickly. WalkMe showcases various functions and features possible to build on top of HealthVault. The attached source code outlines  working with AerobicSession and Exercise datatypes, and various UI tricks we used to achieve an online, offline sync mechanism with HealthVault through this application.


Getting Started With WalkMe Source Code

In order to Compile WalkMe you will need to add the following libraries as references -

Before you run the web application you will need to -

  • Create a database using the sql script in the distribution
  • Update the connection string in web.config
  • Update the path to certificate file or store for your HealthVault Application

Please feel free to submit patches for this application.

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